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AK (AJWA KAIF PVT LTD) has been in the telecommunications business since 2011 and we are providing services to our customers and partners over 8 years. The owner of our company Mr. Mohd Azad has more than 14 years of total telecom experience. AJWA KAIF PVT LTD is working across multiple services and products to provide support and services under one roof. We are providing dynamic Internet service providers engaged in manufacturing next generation managed network services and leased line services for enterprise customers in India. AJWA KAIF PVT LTD offers a complete range of network solutions like DIA & MIX Bandwidth, NLD & P2P, SD-WAN & VPN Solution Managed Internet Leased Line, Security Surveillance, Networking Hardware and network management services, Mobile Signal Booster, with a superb track record of offering rebust and flexible network connectivity solutions, fully redundant, the company has already created a reliable network infrastructure which is trusted by customers for supporting various applications. We operate through a network built on world class technology and state of the art infrastructure.

Ajwa Kaif Pvt Ltd is a high speed internet service provider on RF, FTTx, Wi-Fi hotspot with affordable rates. It offers solutions of FTTH (fiber to the home) technology on GPON (Gigabit passive optical network). It is a perfect convergence networking solution for Data as well as Video. Read More..


Bandwidth & Managed ILL

A leased line is a dedicated communication media / lines / channel that interconnects two or more sites/ locations.


VPN is a secured, encrypted tunnel to transmit the data between your device and the internet.


Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) simplifies networking and optimizes application performance over Internet and hybrid WAN.

Event Internet

We provide emergency internet for the events. Fast and easy delivery. Secured and cost effective.

Managed Broadband

Multi-site retail businesses need reliable Internet service at every location. Local ISP service is fast, reliable, and cost-effective - making it the best choice for your network connectivity and your budget.

PRI Lines

Grow your business efficiently with the Primary Rate Interface voice solutions. Easily scalable as per your requirement. Get similar number across geographies. Unlimited Calling


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Mobile Signal Booster

Are you in search of a cell phone network booster that can prove to be an efficient solution for weak signals within your home or office? Read More..


A firewall is a network security system that enforces the set of rules to allow or disallow the data packets over the network. Read More..

Security and Surveillance

Choosing a best surveillance system is very important for your business. Read More..

Access Point

An Access Point (AP) is a hardware device that allows Wireless devices to connect to a wired network. Read More..


A hardware device which transfers packets from one device to another along the network.Router allows communicating two different networks. We deal with all brands. Read More..


Managed switches gives more security, flexibility, Features. Read More..

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Expand your managed services portfolio with a software- defined architecture that allows you to offer multiples services.

Reinvent your network and customer experience with refreshed software defined managed service portfolio that augments even existing services such as MPLS or broadband with new capabilities such as SD-WAN, integrated security, wifi and analytics.

Transform current managed services architecture to eliminate complexity and reduce cost of deploying and managing multiple physical appliances or multi-VNF approaches. AK cloud native, multi-service, multi-tenant makes network simplification, a reality.

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